UC Irvine will host a Water-Energy Nexus Workshop in the Spring of 2015

//UC Irvine will host a Water-Energy Nexus Workshop in the Spring of 2015

UC Irvine has been selected, through a competitive bid, to host a Water-Energy Nexus Workshop in the spring of 2015.  This influential workshop was spearheaded by the University of California and the Department of Energy and will include leaders from the energy and water sector.

Water-Energy Nexus Workshop

The goal of the workshop is to distill lessons from Western US states and develop recommendations to enable water and electrical utilities and other stakeholders to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in water and electricity use. Furthermore, the workshop is designed to develop a collaborative, integrated water-energy resource management approach for California, with elements that are transferable to other parts of the nation.This invite-only event will include regulators, state and federal officials, utilities, faculty and researchers from several UC campuses.

Water UCI

Water UCI is an inter-school academic initiative sponsored through the Office of the Provost. The Initiative aims to unite disciplines across campus to develop a highly integrated research and education presence around water science and management issues. Water UCI will lead UC Irvine’s involvement in the Water-Energy Nexus Workshop. To find out how you can get involved with Water UCI, please visit http://water.uci.edu.